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If you are looking for inspirations quotes from Mark Twain or similar, you’re in the wrong place. Plenty of blogs with those.


Nothing wrong with this quote, it’s just that there is no evidence that Mark Twain every actually said it.

If you are looking for advice on how to earn thousands of dollars a month online while sitting by the beach sipping pina coladas, you’re in the wrong place. Plenty of blogs with those too.


If you are looking for lists,….. lots of lists….Top Ten List of Lists…. There won’t be any of those. There are lots of blogs of lists. And there is Buzzfeed.


If you are looking for blogs full of photos of beautiful young people frolicking in the waves at a stunning beach – you get the message.


Here’s someone a frolicking, it just isn’t us.



We live and work abroad as English teachers. Not on the beach, in a city –  where we can quaff cocktails, but on our weekends like most of you (to be honest, we prefer a pint). We don’t have the answer to an easy life in paradise, but we can help you if you are thinking of teaching abroad, or moving abroad, or even if you are just planning some travel.


Oh, and neither of us looks awesome in a bikini. We’re in our late 30s.


Also, my computer overheats when it gets in the sun, so can’t work on the beach.



Beach scenes look much better without us frolicking in them. Although I did take this picture – El Nido, The Philippines. Feb 2013.


We blogged for the last ten years as Rat on the Road on the wonderful Travelblog website (set up by Ali – one of the original digital nomads – it’s perfect for setting up your first blog. It’s really easy to use and a supportive and friendly site). For our decade anniversary, we decided to branch out. As well as stories of where we travel to and what we do there, we also want this blog to help new teachers start out. We remember what it’s like when it’s all new and exciting, so hopefully we can give you a bit of advice and information.


We also might just randomly post about things we’re thinking and funny things we see. You’ll have to humour us a little.


Actually, you don’t. You don’t have to read it!


If you are still interested, it’s good to have you with us.




Our Story is a good a place as any to start.

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