Teaching English

Teaching English

Advice for New TEFL Teachers

Teach English TEFL

Starting to teach English abroad can be daunting and full of questions: What course to do? Where to teach? etc. We’ve put our 12 years’ of experience, and that of our friends, into posts answering all of these questions.

Country Guides

Teaching English in Seoul South Korea

Guides to different countries where people teach abroad, by people who have taught there.

New Teacher Tales

Teaching English in South Korea Teacher Experiences

Interviews with people teaching English abroad where they talk about how they started out and what advice they have for new TEFL Teachers.

Why trust us?

We’ve been teaching English for 12 years now, in several different countries. We’ve ‘been there, done that’ and want to share our successes, and mistakes with you. We’ve also got many friends who also teach abroad, who are also happy to share their stories with you.

We are not connected with any specific organisation or company, so all advice is based on our own independent opinions.