During the seven years we lived in Ukraine, we traveled around a lot and explored many different parts of the country. If you are visiting Ukraine and want to know what good things there are to see, do and eat in Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv, or if you want ideas of the other places there are to visit outside those three main hubs, read on.

We know that Ukraine is part of Europe, but as we spent more time there, we wanted it in its own category. However, we have also explored other parts of Europe. Read about our trip to Minsk in Belarus and exploring ancient Greek temples

The first continent we visited when we left the UK in 2006 was Southeast Asia. We've lived in Thailand twice, spent five years teaching English in Vietnam and visited many countries in the region. 

As one of our main reasons for travel is wildlife watching, we traveled around Uganda for gorilla trekking and to go on safari. We've also spent time in Morocco and want to explore more of this amazing continent.

A bucket list trip took us on a road trip around the USA in 2008, on a bit of a music pilgrimage 

As we teach English abroad, travel is part of our lifestyle. When we are planning trips, there are several things we often look for.

We used to be ecologists/zoologists and met during our PhDs. Many of our bucket list trips involve going to see amazing wildlife. Read about our trip to see komodo dragons in Indonesia, elephants in Thailand Uganda and gorillas and chimps in Uganda.

Living abroad and traveling in different countries means experiencing all kinds of amazing food. We like to eat it and learn to cook it. You'll also often find us in bars, trying the local beers, particularly craft beer.