Craft Beer Delivery in Kyiv

Since we first moved to Ukraine in 2014, craft beer in Ukraine has exploded. There are craft beer breweries all over Ukraine, in all the main cities. Regular craft beer festivals attract hundreds of stalls from local Ukrainian craft beer breweries and are packed with people. Craft beer pubs are popping up all over the country, both owned by specific breweries or offering a range of local craft beer.

As I write this in April 2020, under quarantine for Covid 19, these pubs are closed and the spring beer festivals are not to be. In the meantime, the various craft beer breweries in Ukraine are offering delivery services. You can get your favourite craft beers delivered to you, sometimes to your flat but often to the local Nova Poshta. It’s also a good time to experiment and try new Ukrainian craft beers. Let’s support our local craft beer companies, while having entertaining nights in. Here is a list of places that do craft beer delivery in Kyiv.

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Kyiv Craft Beer Breweries that deliver

Underwood Brewery, Kyiv

Underwood Brewery is one of the Ukrainian craft beer breweries in Kyiv that we’ve been trying over the last few months, largely because they sell their bottles in Silpo supermarkets. With 10 beers, including Kyiv Lager and Lime Saison, you can order direct from their website. The most recent is a coconut stout, which sounds like it might taste like cake, which is never a bad thing!

bottle of beer from Underwood Ukrainian craft beer brewery

Recently, they’ve started offering a box with one of each type, and a branded glass, for 549 UAH. Delivery is to your local Nova Poshta at no cost. We have had one and all of them are good!

  • Website in English – No. You have to use Google Translate
  • Minimum order – 250 UAH
  • Payment on website – Yes
  • Delivery outside Kyiv – Yes
  • Free delivery – Yes

Kyiv Local Brewery

This company was new to us until last weekend when the guys in Punkraft bar (see below) recommended their beers. We had the Munich style lager – Dark Side, and India Pale Ale. Both were good and the bottles are funky.

  • Website in English – Facebook and Instagram
  • Delivery – By Nova Poshta
  • Free delivery – For box of 24 bottles.

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Reformation Brewery (Rebrew) Kyiv

Rebrew is in Brovary, to the north of Kyiv. It’s available in several pubs and restaurants around us so we’ve had several types; Kate is a fan of the Popelka lager. Along with the lager, wheat beer, stout, and neipa (New English Pale Ale), they have a couple of sour ales: wild berry and tropical. Some beers come by the litre, others in 330 ml bottles.

Rebrew lager in a pub in Kharkiv
Rebrew lager in DAF pub (Drunk As F***) in Kharkiv
  • Website in English- No, there’s a Google Form to order which you can Google translate
  • Craft beer Delivery in Kyiv is by taxi, only within Kyiv
  • Free delivery- when you send more than 650 UAH, otherwise you pay the taxi cost

Varvar, Bila Tservka (just outside Kyiv)

Varvar was one of the first Ukrainian craft beer breweries in Kyiv that we found out about, as they have there own bar in Kyiv. Their distinctive viking logo is found in other bars around the city, and in supermarkets like Silpo. Ten beers are on offer, with a Golden Ale, Hoppy Lager as well as more unusual ones like Samurai’s Daughter, an oriental ale, brewed with rice. When you order, they add a free bottle of hand sanitiser gel, which is always useful at the moment!

  • Website in English – Yes
  • Minimum order- 4 bottles
  • Payment on website – Yes
  • Delivery outside Kyiv- Yes
  • Free Delivery – Orders over 400 UAH

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Ukrainian craft beer delivered to Kyiv

Mova Beer, Dnipro

We tried Mova beer a couple of years ago at a Mexican themed event at Art Zavod Platforma. There are now eight different beers, including a lager, citra IPA, Candy fruit pale ale, a porter and two different stouts.

We ordered a mix box of 12 beers this weekend, for 420 UAH by sending them a Facebook message. We paid through Privatbank terminal, send the payment slip and they shipped to beers that day, arriving two days later.

Mova craft beer delivery in Kyiv
  • Website in English – Yes
  • Payment on website – No. Payment via Privatbank machine
  • Delivery – By Nova Poshta
  • Minimum order – Box of 12 bottles.
  • Free delivery – Nova Poshta cost, although we didn’t pay anything.

Ten Men, Kharkiv

Ten Men is available in some craft beer pubs in Kyiv, but we had quite a lot of it during our recent trip to Kharkiv, where it comes from. There’s quite a variety of beers, and the website doesn’t sell all the types that we’ve had before. The Chocolate Sauce Pastry Stout, Go Strawberry Go milkshake IPA, Berry Blood BBR Imperial Gose and Berry Smoothie MCB Triple Pastry Gose sound very much like desserts and most of the beers on offer are pretty strong. Not that it matters if you are drinking at home and only need to stagger to bed.

Delivery is by Nova Poshta to anywhere in Ukraine for the Nova Poshta cost, in 330 ml bottles, most without labels, although I assume they stick a sticky label on so you know what it is.

  • Website in English -No. Use Google translate
  • Minimum order -Box of 12 bottles
  • Delivery -Nova Poshta
  • Free Delivery – No. Nova Poshta costs

Red Cat Brewery, Kharkiv

We noticed this shop when we were in Kharkiv recently. I’m not sure we;ve tried their beer before, but they have a wide range, including the Travel Range beers : Liverpool pale ale, Goa IPA, Dublin Milk Stout and five different sours: the tomato sour sounds interesting….we ordered some and, well let’s say it wasn’t for us!

They deliver by kg through Nova Poshta and at the moment, if you buy two, you get 1 free. 1kg is apparently just under a litre.

  • Website in English – No. Facebook page and Instagram and staff speak English
  • Delivery – Nova Poshta at Nova Poshta rates

Pravda Beer, Lviv

Another well known craft beer in Ukraine, Pravda comes from Lviv and makes the politically name beers Obama stout, Frau Ribbentrop blanche (named for Angela Merkel), Trudeau, Trump mexican style lager and Putin Huilo blonde ale.

Trump Mexican lager
Obama Stout from Pravda Lviv

In the centre of Lviv, the Beer Theatre has a full orchestra that plays a range of live music nightly. Well, they did. Obviously since quarantine, now we need to enjoy Pravda beer in our own homes.

When there isn’t quarantine, find out what to do on a visit to Lviv.

In total there are over 25 different varieties of craft beer available, in both 330 ml and 750 ml bottles. We got a box of bottles of various types this weekend, although when Kris went to pick it up, Kate forgot to mention that they were 750ml bottles he had to carry home, and now he can’t move his arms!

Pravda beer bottles of Ukrainian craft beers
  • Website in English – Yes
  • Payment on website – Yes
  • Delivery – By Nova Poshta
  • Minimum order- 200 UAH
  • Free Delivery – orders over 750 UAH

Hoppy Hog Family Brewery, Odessa

This brewery was new to us; it just came up as an advert on Facebook. They have around 10 different beers, with really interesting flavours going on. There’s a tiramisu stout which really tastes of cake, a milkshake IPA with a chilli aftertaste and a dark ale with rosemary flavours. It’s all very clever.

Beers from Hoppy Hog Family brewery Odessa
Look how pretty the labels are!

We ordered two of each type to try, by talking directly to them on Facebook messenger. They came boxed up to our local Nova Poshta after we transferred the money on a Privatbank terminal.

  • Website in English – no, but they speak good English
  • Payment on website – transfer on Privatbank
  • Delivery – Nova Poshta costs

For ideas of places to find craft beer in Odessa, check out our blog post.

Craft Beer Delivery in Kyiv from bars

Punkraft Bar

Last weekend we called into Punkraft Bar in Podil because we read that you could pickup Ukrainian craft beer from there. Indeed, the actual bar is open, by ‘bar’ I mean the high wooden thing with pubs behind. The bar itself is obviously closed, but a couple of bar staff remain, to fill up take away containers with draft and to sell a range of bottles, both from Ukraine and abroad. They do craft beer delivery in Kyiv of both.

Ukrainian craft Beers from Punkraft
Ukrainian craft Beers from Punkraft

We’ve not actually been in Punkraft bar before, although it doesn’t appear to be new. We’ll be visiting when this quarantine is lifted. There’s a range of local Ukrainian craft beer on tap, including Rebrew and Ten Men. In bottles they have lots of different beers, including breweries that don’t deliver themselves, including Underwood, Kyiv Local Brewery, KF brewery and Didko brewery. You also get a free mask when you buy!

Kris in his free mask from Punkraft
  • Website in English –
  • Delivery – by taxi
  • Collection available
  • Delivery outside Kyiv – Yes via Nova Poshta.
  • Minimum order –
  • Free Delivery – Yes by Nova Poshta for orders over 900 UAH

Gonzo Bar

Gonzo Beer has been available in craft beer pubs around Kyiv for a while, and they recently opened a bar in Podil. During quarantine, they are selling their beers by the litre for craft beer delivery in Kyiv or for pickup from their bar. There are 13 varieties, including a lavender milk stout, grape milkshake IPA, and hoppy lager, all for 60 UAH per litre.

  • Website in English – Facebook page and Instagram.
  • Payment on website –
  • Collection or delivery to Kyiv addresses.
  • Delivery outside Kyiv – No
  • Free Delivery – on orders over 500 UAH

If you are in Odessa, Troubadour Brewery delivers in the city. You can read about that and other things to do in Odessa.

Beer shops delivering Ukrainian craft beer to Kyiv

Beerfreak Shop, Kharkiv

Beerfreak is an online shop selling beers from all over the world. The Ukrainian craft beers for delivery to Kyiv include Vavar, Rebrew, Underwood, Didko, Ten Men, Hoppy Hog and Volta.

  • Website in English? Yes
  • Payment on website – Yes
  • Delivery -Nova Poshta, or taxi if you are in Kharkiv
  • Free delivery – Orders over 1500 UAH, or 60 UAH otherwise.

HopHey Beer shop

HopHey is a shop with various beer taps serving Ukrainian craft beers as well as international beers like Kronenberg Blanche. They’ve got a range of 1st Dnipro beers on tap and in bottles. Delivery is by courier from their shops, and will be with you in 60 minutes. You can also collect from their shops around Kyiv. We use the one in Podil.

  • Website in English -No
  • Payment on Website – Yes.
  • Minimum order – 75 UAH
  • Delivery – by shop courier within 1 hour

With this range of companies offering raft beer delivery in Kyiv, and other places in Ukraine, you should have some fun beer tasting to do while you are staying inside for quarantine.

Do you know other Ukrainian craft beer breweries providing craft beer delivery in Kyiv? Let us know in the comment of via our Facebook page and we can add them.

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